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Hey fellow foodies!

I’m Lauren Hodgins – a biologist by day, creator by night, and a fur baby mama 24/7 to my dog, Myra, and cat, Boots! I started making platters with my dad when I was about 6 years old. He has worked as a cook my whole life and was always making large platters for friends and family events in his spare time; so naturally I learned everything from him. Although I now work full time as a marine biologist, I will always be a total foodie at heart.


Like many others, when COVID-19 hit, there were a lot of curve balls thrown my way. One thing that stood out to me was the need for an accessible and affordable option to allow people to continue celebrating the milestones in life while staying in the safety of their homes. I love helping others in any way I can, I love supporting local and I love food; so The Fundy Foodie was born. Creating something beautiful and tasty for you, your loved ones, milestones, and events is my way of bringing a little bit of happiness to our community.

The Fundy Philosophy

When building The Fundy Foodie, I made giving back to the community one of my main principles. So we try our best to put as many locally made and sourced products on our platters as we can! If we can’t find it in New Brunswick we expand our search to the rest of Atlantic Canada before then expanding to a Canada wide search. 


On top of supporting fellow small businesses we frequently donate to, and support local causes such asl buying much needed school supplies, dropping off pet food to the SPCA, and making charitable donations to hospital foundations. 


Each and every platter is different and every ingredient is carefully chosen based on lots of research, many conversations with my dad, and of course... taste testing. We aim to provide a large variety of flavours and textures in each creation while still making it look and taste cohesive. 

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